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Why Cedar Craft Hot Tubs?

Man Wood Carving

About Us

Cedar Craft Hot Tubs are carefully constructed in our Hamilton workshop, using the finest cedar timber to provide our customers with beautifully made hot tubs that will allow you to soak away your worries and improve your health naturally, without chemicals. 

We have been crafting wood since 1998, so we have the experience to deliver you the finest cedar tubs in New Zealand. 


Health Benefits

Our hot tubs can help with stress relief by stimulating a natural release of endorphins in your body. It can reduce headaches, muscle tension and fatigue. Regular use of the hot tubs can also improve sleep by relaxing the body prior to bed. The hot tubs can open pores in your skin and accelerate blood circulation to deliver vital oxygen and nutrients throughout your body, leaving you with youthful glowing skin. Our cedar hot tubs can also lower your blood pressure  by raising your body temperature, increasing your heart rate. 

Health Benefits

Natural & Chlorine Free

Cedar timber provides natural anti-bacterial and anti-decay properties in your hot tub, and are will last up to 30 years if maintained properly. Cedar timber emits a pleasing & natural aroma when hot or wet, which provides enough wonderful scent to allow total immersion in your relaxing. Cedar craft uses timber sourced from sustainable resources. All the timber is machined at the cedar craft workshop to ensure only the best timber is used in the building of your tub and tub accessories. Cedar Craft respect the environment and strive to keep waste at a minimum.

Natural/Chlorine Free
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