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Our Cedar Hot Tubs

Cedar Craft Hot Tubs are constructed using A Grade Canadian Western Red Cedar. Sawn cedar timber is machined and dressed in the Cedar Craft workshop to ensure no defects are present and all the timbers are straight and true.

Once the timber is cut and moulded using our special design they are fit tightly together and compressed using pre-formed stainless steel bands. The bands are ratcheted together to form a water tight seal and solid wall construction capable of standing up to the immense weight of the water.

Each tub rests on H4 ground treated bearers which distribute the tubs weight evenly. Cedar seating is built and installed into the tub. Each hot tub is plumbed with a floor outlet and two wall mounted inlets jets, a pump and filter are added to keep the hot tub clean and clear.

Each cedar hot tub has a full height cedar box custom built to fit around all the plumbing and mechanical plant. This box doubles as a side table while you are in the tub.  A hard top lockable heat retention cover is fitted in the standard colour of 'Charcoal Grey. If you wish to have an alternative colour for the cover, this will incur additional costs.  Each cedar hot tub is finished with a neutral cedar stain to protect the tub while not over powering the natural colours and grains. Optional cedar steps for easy entry and exit of your tub can also be purchased.

Cedar Hot Tub

Our favourite, smaller cedar spa. 

Price                         $21,000
Dimensions           1600mm x 1200mm 

No. of People        4 - 6 people

Capacity                  2000L of water
Weight of tub       150kg
Weight full             2000kg*

Optional Stairs    $800

Glacier Hot Tub

Cedar Hot Tub

Our larger, family spa. 

Price                          $23,000
Dimensions           1900mm x 1200mm

No. of People        6 - 8 people

Capacity                  2800L of water
Weight of tub       200kg
Weight full             2900kg*

Optional Stairs    $800

Alaskan Hot Tub
Your hot tub comes with
  • Heavy duty circulation pump.

  • Washable cartridge filter.

  • 3kW Electric heater.

  • Isolation valves & drainage valve

  • Hard lockable heat retention cover in Charcoal Grey.

  • 3x Stainless steel locking bands.

What's included with
your cedar hot tub? 

  • 2x Therapeutic jets.

  • 2x Safety floor suction inlets.

  • All piping, elbows and fittings in 40mm Class D pressure pipes.

  • Full height cedar box to cover all electrics, plumbing and mechanical gear.

  • Cedar seating.

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Quote supplied for all custom builds. 

Prices do not include base preparation or electrical connection. (Quotes are available.)
All prices include GST.
Delivery and installation options are available. Please get in touch with us to discuss what we can do for you. 

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