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How to care for your Cedar Hot Tub


Caring for your Cedar

Canadian Western Red Cedar is a naturally hard wearing timber which is resistance to fungi, moulds and algae. Your new tub has been protected with two coats of Resene exterior Furniture and Decking Oil to protect the timber from the sun. This product is perfect for protecting the timber and it doesn’t tint, colour or over power the natural grains and colours in the timber. You will need to restain the exterior of your tub and accessories once every 3-6 months to ensure that splitting, cracking and UV bleaching doesn’t occur.

Caring for your water

5 minutes once a week is all it takes to keep your water clean and balanced. We advise against changing your chemicals and never use chlorine or bromine as the irons will store in the timber only to be released if your PH fluctuates. This will cause timber discoloration. Your tub will require emptying and refilling with fresh water every three to six months depending on your level of use and dedication to water care. Your tub  is made from a natural product and will leach saps and resins into the water which gives it the beautiful cedar smell but will also give the water a reddish, orange tint which is completely harmless and clean so don’t mistake this for dirty or imbalanced water. Water treatment options available.  Aqua Spa Starter Kit or Simple Silver is recommended.  These options will be discussed at time of purchase.

Caring for your cover

Only the very best covers are used on our Cedar craft hot tubs, and as long as they are looked after they should last the life of the tub. Again the sun is your biggest enemy so we advise that you give your cover a wipe down once a week with warm soapy water to stop dust and pollen build ups. Do not use any products that contain silicone or alcohol to treat the cover. 

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