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Cedar Hot Tubs by Kingwood


Environmentally friendly, natural and sustainably sourced  cedar timber spas with natural aromas.

Health Benefits

Stress relief, improved sleep, healthy skin, lower blood pressure and relief of joint pain. 

Chlorine Free

No need for harsh chemicals to clean or maintain your cedar tub, and no need for additives.

Our Collection

Brand new


We're timber crazy

Specialising in the art of crafting quality timber furniture since 1998, Kingwood are now  creating your dream cedar hot tubs.
Your cedar spa is designed and installed by a highly qualified team that is committed to delivering high-quality cedar hot tubs and the best possible temperature control systems.

Cedar Craft Hot Tubs

Cedar Craft uses Canadian Western Red  Cedar timber sourced from sustainable resources.


All the timber is machined at the Cedar Craft workshop to ensure only the best timber is used in the building of your hot tub and tub accessories.

Cedar Craft respect the environment and strive to keep waste at a minimum.


beautiful cedar timber.
beautiful cedar timber


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